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Guess why Riga is considered to be one of the top 3 European Stag Do destinations? Because it’s less crowded than Prague and saves you some of the hard-earned, unlike Amsterdam, still offering all the poshness of a capital city. It’s often called Small Paris for its matchless architecture in the Art Nouveau style and Northern Nice thanks to its location at the Baltic Sea whose sandy beaches are just a twenty-minute drive away.


The medieval Old Town is an ideal place for a traditional Pub Crawl since most pubs and bars are located here. It’s a pedestrian zone, so you don’t have to hail a taxi all the time.
After you’ve had enough beer, we invite you to plunge into Riga’s nightlife. A lot of chic nightclubs are within an arm’s reach and open until early morning. The dress code is not an issue here and we’ll make sure that you are ushered inside as VIP guests without queuing.


The city is packed with restaurants that suit every taste and purse. You definitely won’t have to rob a bank because the prices for beverages, food, and cigarettes here are probably the lowest in all the Europe. On the contrary, you’ll be able to indulge yourself with something that, as you thought, you wouldn’t be able to afford. All in all, Riga will surprise you with its indecent cheapness compared to the UK, for example.


No matter whether you have your stag party in summer or winter, Riga can offer plenty of things to do. Real men can go to the Shooting Range to shoot combat firearms or the Mil-Sim Killhouse used to train military and law enforcement personnel. Or ride snowmobiles and visit the only in Eastern Europe bobsleigh track that is up to the Olympic standards. Open 12 months a year, it’s hugely popular among future husbands and their friends.

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Hello, Terranes! - Svecināti, zemes ļaudis!
Everyone look at me - I have a trunk! - Visi skataties uz mani - man ir snuķis!
Can I make a fire? - Vai drīkstu aizdegt uguni?
I am being chased, can you hide me in your Presidential Suite? - Mani vajā, vai jūs varētu mani paslēpt savā Prezidenta numurā?
Why has my room number changed and why are there other people in there? - Kāpēc manai istabai mainīts numurs, un kāpēc tajā ir citi cilvēki?
Can I divide by zero in your country? - Vai es varu dalīt ar nulli jūsu valstī?
This magnificent cathedral (temple, palace) looks like a swimming kangaroo. - Sī brīnišķīgā katedrāle (pils, templis) ir līdzīga peldošam ķenguram.
I can not eat mushrooms — I’ve promised them. - Es nedrīkstu ēst sēnes - es apsolīju tām.
Let me go, I have a right to call my avocado! - Laidiet mani vaļā, mani ir tiesības piezvanīt savam avokādo!

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